Friday, January 05, 2007

Fun with triple draw ...

... is watching Chris Fargis and Greg Raymer two-table 30/60.  Crackers!

I think I may have created a monster here, so stay away from my table (if it's above $1/$2) unless you're an australian!  I hate blogger tables for real money.

But here is a question for you:
In triple draw, when you draw, do you make sure to have as many suits as possible, or do you not pay attention once you have two suits?

And another:
Do you discard right to left? Or do you not care...

Some amusement while talking to St. B about TDL on the old-skool chat thing:
<maigrey> that would be what we call a #3 [23567 for those of you playing at home]
<St B> I just had the nuts  :)
<maigrey> is that all?
<St B> that is how tight I am now
<maigrey> we call that a "whee"
<maigrey> er
<St B> lol
<maigrey> "wheel"
<maigrey> we call it a wheeeeee too


At 11:05 AM, Blogger StB said...

I always go for different suits. Right to left doesn't matter to me.

I will usually discard the new cards I receive until I pair up twice then old one goes.

I will also walk around my chair counter clockwise if I take a bad beat, and drink with my left hand if I am running cold.


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