Friday, March 31, 2006

Resorts Trumps Majestic II

... or at least I assume it does. I haven't been back since the weekend before I went to Austin, because a reliable source told me that they let go 90% of their poker dealers (we knew the layoff was coming - just not how severe it was going to be), and not only did they keep the less talented dealers, they didn't keep ENOUGH dealers to spread games.

So, I knocked off work a little early last week, as I know resorts only has 16 or so tables compared to the 21 that Magestic Star II/Trump has and they only run 3 tables total of no-limit; thus you need to get there early or you're going to wait some time for a seat. I got there around 4 pm or so, and there was still quite a wait for a 5/10 seat, not to mention a NL seat. I sat down at the 5/10 game for an hour or so, and did pretty well. I guess Otis is right - I do have a scary image sitting at the felt: I was dealt AQ in late position, there was a raise, and then a tight-ish player reraised, there was a call and I called instead of capping it.

The flop came down Q high, the original raiser checks, the three-better bets, there's a call, I raise, the original raiser drops, the three better reraises me, the middle guy drops, and I call.

Turn is a blank, flop is still q high, the better bets, I raise, and he calls. River is another baby card, and it's checked to me and I bet and get called. I flip my cards over, and the other guy turns over cowboys, and says, "Man you really had me worried, I really thought you had a set!" Puhleeeeze. If I had a set or KK I'd be getting every bet in there I could!

The NL game at Resorts is a crazy structure: $200 min / $500 max with $5/$10 blinds. Yes, the blinds are way out of proportion to the buy-in, but if you could take Party Poker or Full Tilt and put it in a live game, this would be it. There are people raising and calling with TPGK, and all sorts of crazy things going on - the only issue is that raises are often $55 preflop, and there is not a lot of limping. BUT, if you can beat TPTK, you are going to get paid off - I even got paid $200 when I flopped quad kings! and I didn't slow play them preflop either, and had someone at the table saying "she's got quad kings man", as a joke.

So, this whole trump situation may be a good thing, as the game at Resorts is more aggressive and will force me to play a much better game than I'm used to - to be more aggressive in position, etc.


At 12:36 PM, Blogger DrChako said...

We have that same stupid game here in Washington. Unfortunately, in WA State, the max bet is $500, so it's technically a spread limit game. Blinds of 5/10 are just nuts, but it does encourage some terrific donkey play.

At 5:11 PM, Blogger Shelly said...

i was talking to a guy at empress this past wednesday, and he said that the dealer shortage at trump is affecting everything... they only had enough dealers to sit 80 people in the wednesday tourney, as opposed to the usual 100+. and the cash games... not enough people... i'm boycotting them :(

At 5:23 PM, Blogger pokerpeaker said...

Hey Princess...remember me? The guy who kept bugging you about playing in a casino? I finally did it and played $2/5 on a Saturday night (the only game available in Colorado that would fit my bankroll, no NL games) and left the casino up $175 after three hours of play.
I had good hands, but I also think I played them well.

Thanks for all your help. I did blog about it, or I'll turn one in tonight.


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