Thursday, February 09, 2006

The good, the bad and the <fill in the blank here>

I'm in a love-hate relationship these days with bloggers. Here's the love part:

I was having a conversation with helixx the other day about how he didn't think he could build his bankroll just playing SnGs. I begged to differ, because I distinctly recall reading that Mourn and TheNerd both pretty much solely play SnGs as their bankroll padding.

So, being the girl-geek wanna be, I took advantage of the fact that they were both online on the geek-chat-device at the same time, and asked if they win their money in ring games or SnGs - they both answered SnGs. Ah hah! Little did they know they would have to now put up with my incessant questions over the next few days. Poor guys.

Mourn says that the turbos are really the way to go as while you might have a drop in ROI %, it's not enough of a drop to make up for the reduced amount of time per game (and thus the number of games you can turn around per night). However, you need to understand all-in strategy and be okay with shoving in a LOT (and by that I really do mean a LOT) - pretty much it's shove time when you hit 12BB, and that can happen pretty quickly at the turbos.

Here's Mourn's advice (since he's being slow about posting a turbo strategy post, hint hint):
"well, in a SnG, when you are under about 10-12 BB, you never do anything but shove"
"and people will rip you for it"
"so you have to not care about that"
"and when you get your chips in first, you have a lot of ways to win"

And for starting to run these:
and I would practice low, and then multi-table low
then move and play singles, and then multi at that level
like play $5s
one at a time, until you're comfy, then play four x $5
then move up to 1 $15 at a time
them multi $15s
and so on

He's got lots more good advice, but I'll let Mourn post some if he wants to, otherwise I will keep him and his advice all to myself.

Here's what The Nerd says on learning how to play turbos:

nerd, do you play turbos only?
right now, yes
so where's the best place to learn how to play turbos?
other than picking your brain :)
SNG analyzer
dare i say 2+2?
at least for no limit
yeah but where? and how much chaff to good?
single-table tournament board
good players usually keep the chaff in line

So there's the good, and the love. I'm still trying to debate if the SnG analyzer is worth the $80 he's asking for it because a) the demo SUCKS so badly but b) Mourn and Nerd say it's HAWESOME, especially for late-stage play.

The bad is that I've decided that (except for a handful of folks and you know who you are) for the foreseeable future, I'm done with playing with bloggers. Multi-table Tournaments are -EV for me in general (and I'm usually out for the Tuesday WWdN, and the Thursday WWdN is too late for me), so it's just like throwing money away. Playing ring games is negative emotional EV because the level of play is annoying awful and then I probably have to read about how wonderful they were later.

Two comments from the peanut gallery that sum this up:
its expected. i expect to lose because of shit like that. it makes me waaaaay madder to lose to people who i know don't know any better
You want tougher competition? No, but at least give me the illusion that there might be a clue rattling around there somewhere.

On the random front:
Have you seen how PokerStars interfaces with PokerTracker for tournaments? That is the HAWESOME! Hint Hint FullTilters, this would be something uber rockin' to add, as I'm not playing any SnGs on FTP (except for peep sex) due to this feature of PokerStars, and I can't be the only one...


At 7:52 AM, Blogger Chris Halverson said...

I suck and make money at SNGs, so it can definitely be done. I'm not Nerd level, he plays more at one time than I play in a week, so his advice is the one to follow :)

Are they the best way? I don't know. There are some changes in strategy compared to ring which makes it kind of interesting. I haven't played the turbos yet, but will be looking into them. I sometimes mutlti-table them, but just 2.

I mainly play the 20s, just trying out the 30s now. And, of course, NLHE only :)

And I totally agree wrt not playing with bloggers. 'Nuff said there.

At 10:45 AM, Blogger Drizztdj said...

For the life of me, I can't get a firm, steady profit out of SnGs.

Maybe I take em too seriously and should lighten the fuck up.

At 11:34 AM, Blogger BSN said...

I mostly play SNGs now, too, and it's been very good for the bankroll. I've experimented with mutli-tabling them, but I basically suck at any level above $5 regular/$6 turbo. Single-table, though, I'll play at almost any buy-in, and have run into Nerd twice (he busted me, in fact, with an all-in).

The advice about all-in strategy is spot-on for turbos. Lots of fold equity, because in about 80% of them you're on the bubble by the time everyone gets to 10-12 BBs. At the higher buy-in games probably 80% of the players understand the gap concept, so steals are rampant.

At 6:23 PM, Blogger vegaas said...

SnG's are what I mainly play. For the most part they are soft. To me the strategy that works is to play ultra tight for the first couple of levels and let the maniacs bust out. Then as soon as the blinds reach 3rd level and we are down to six handed, then I let loose with a very aggressive game. Been working for me. I started at the $5 level and now play mostly $30 and $50. The strategy still works at these higher levels, just have to back off slightly compared to the lower levels.


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