Thursday, March 16, 2006

Austin, day one

I'm online while April's in the shower before we make our way out for day two of drunken festivities.

The plane ride down was good, I got an exit seat with a window AND no one in the middle seat. Score.

Eva's got the first part of the evening written up already here, so I won't elaborate any further except to say that the ring I was wearing that night flew off my hand and landed on a shed roof and I was forced to ask a cute boy to retrieve it for me because my arms weren't long enough. And I'm sad that we didn't get any pictures of Mike, the truly awesome kind soul who kept us in our cups all night and was the cause of many many drunk voicemails.

But the question really is, why do you people never return voicemails from drunk women? You know who you are :) And I swear it wasn't me asking people to make out because I was drunk. Really. No way.

I do however, wish that helixx had vonage so he could send me the serial voicemails I left him detailing our night, which were really funny when he recounted them later:

* TXApril is not speaking to helixx
<helixx> you're never speaking to me for one reason or another
<helixx> why this time?
<TXApril> check your voice mails, butthead
<maigrey> you might hve one or two
<helixx> phone was dead. let me go get it
<helixx> oh nice. voicemails and 6 emails from my boss
<helixx> :P
<TXApril> oh quit yer bitching
<helixx> 5 MISSED CALLS wtf
<maigrey> hm
<maigrey> 5 seems maybe
<maigrey> a little low
<helixx> 7 new messages. oy vey
<helixx> i hear someone yelling "ok... guess this band!" and then hear a sound of like chickens clucking because the sound quality is so bad. next message. lol
<helixx> ok... now i'm hearing inappropriate suggestions...
<helixx> and descriptions of cowboys asses
<helixx> tattoo parlor message
<TXApril> did we leave him a message about the deaf mute lesbians?
<maigrey> the cowboys asses was me
<maigrey> hmmmm
<maigrey> probably not
<maigrey> we probably didn't mention they were having sex in the cab either
<TXApril> awww....p0 helixx
<helixx> i'm up to the deaf mute lesbian story
<TXApril> lol
<TXApril> don't tell Hanel!
<TXApril> he doesn't get to hear it
<helixx> NOW i have a call from my boss
<helixx> oh my god
<helixx> that was a real let down
<maigrey> i bet she was less interesting than deaf mute sex in a cab having lesbians
I even got a picture of a cowboy's butt, which was my mission from Eva. Added bonus, we got soco in the shot.

Ok, time to get showered and head off for bbq, shopping, spoon, echo and the bunnymen, and grand national, baby. My phone's charged and I'm ready to go.


At 11:33 AM, Anonymous Mike said...

Pictures of me can be bad for your camera...

And I'm not sure I deserve credit (blame?) for those calls.

At 12:28 PM, Blogger 787Style said...

Wait, you say the deaf mute lesbians??? The blonde/redhair couple?? I haven't seen them in YEARS (sicne they quit working at Yellow). I have a great story about them.

At 11:41 AM, Blogger Falstaff said...



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