Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I'm not dead

... but I honestly don't really have the passion for poker that I used to, which was a topic of conversation I had with Maudie and others this weekend. It's hard to write on things that don't make your heart go thumpa-thumpa for anymore.

But, speaking of this weekend, I had a fun trip down there this weekend - Saturday I played poker at the Borgata with Maudie and the Train, and Dawn and Alceste were there as well.   The 10/20 game is as crazy bananas as Train has previously stated - I didn't believe him, and I was proven wrong, although my money went the way of the crazy slides.  Ah well.  

(and the 10/20 game is really that crazy - we had several guys who would call multiple raises with any two s00ted!)

Sunday, the desire for -EV games was too strong, and I made the 10/20 money back and more at craps, blackjack, and uber insane $25 craps.  Aie-yaa!  I now officially know that Gus is nutters, as he plays $50 craps!