Monday, October 31, 2005

Poker Cartoons

Ok - srsly, if you are not reading the gary trudeau of poker bloggers, you totally should be.

Besides, I star in the 'omatards' series. How can you resist?

Chime in from the peanut gallery: Marry, Sleep with, Toss off a cliff

Okay, I'm really curious to see answers on this one. Here's the game: out of the following list of three people, you must marry one, must sleep with another, and toss the third one off a cliff to their doom. [clarification - one person per slot, you can't sleep with and throw the same person off the cliff]

The players:
1. Clonie Gowen
2. Jennifer Harman
3. Jennifer Tilly

Please answer in the comments, and give us a little reason behind each one. Remember, if you're anonymous, you should sign it if you want me to know who you are.

Also, just because you're a girl and not a lesbian doesn't mean you shouldn't answer! April and I did!

Tomorrow, I'll post three boy poker guys for y'all

Thursday, October 27, 2005


April decided to hang on the blogger penny PLO table today, and I laughed my butt off at this:

maigrey: bets $1.91
April: calls $1.45 and is all-in
April said, "oh fine"
April said, "take my money"
maigrey said, "there is no jack coming kids"

Board [Td Kh 8c 5c 6d]
maigrey: shows [Th Jd Jh Ks] (two pair, Kings and Tens)
Seat 3: April mucked [6c 9c Ah Ad] [someone doesn't read my blog about AAxx!!!]
April said, "yes"
maigrey collected $0.87 from side pot
April: mucks hand
maigrey collected $6.01 from main pot
April said, "*****!"
on_thg said, "doh!"
maigrey said, "what di dyou think i had?"
good43 said, "REBUY"
April said, "like i KNOW?"
April said, "you're a freakin LAG on a GOOD day"
maigrey said, ":)"


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

For AL

Since Al asked me:
Heather - tell me your likes and dislikes of Pot Limit Omaha, here's today's top three:

Top 3 things I like about PLO
1. FIISHES - People play this like it's hold'em - they think Top Pair, Top Kicker is the NUTS and put it all in
2. It's all about the drawing - not what you have but where can you go. You can't have 21 outs twice in Hold 'em baby. If you're an action junkie, here's where you go
3. No damn split pots and someone backing into a better high than me (which can also be read as I don't have to be a drizz-like nutsitter)
4. dude, I get 4 cards!
5. Also, sooo easy to tilt people who are item #1, definitely entertaining
6. Nowhere else will you hear "OMG YOU raised on THAT???" about 5 times a minute
honorable mention: CHEEEEESEMIND!!

(yes, I realize this is more than 3, but I love it that much)

Top 3 things I dislike about PLO
1. It's all about the drawing - your top set can only be a 5:4 favorite to a big drawing hand, and since all the money gets in on the flop mostly, you see a lot more suckouts
2. Variance - it's much bigger in PLO, because of #1
3. I don't think there is a third thing to dislike about PLO. I HEART IT.

Sadly, I got hit by variance last night, alas. It's easy to drop several buyins at the PLO tables, because sometimes your 5:4 edge doesn't hold up and you die.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Random top 6 list - Top 6 poker bloggers I don't want to face HU in the dec WPBT

Top 6 poker bloggers I don't want to face HU in the dec WPBT:
  1. G-Rob, because I can never put him on a hand now that I f'n told him his biggest tell.

  2. Otis, because, well, he's Otis

  3. Joanne, because she's the tournament queen

  4. Blood, because he's pretty darn good

  5. April, because she's fearsome heads up

  6. Chad, because despite his quietness is pretty skeery in tournament play


I didn't do a weekend update yesterday because I've just been crazy trying to get my email to work right at work. The good news is that my financial controller told me to just go ahead and order a new computer and be done with it, so I'll be getting a new laptop soon, and catch up with the technology of the day. I'm terribly excited.

Friday was yet another horrible day at the boats, and I'm going into somewhat of a tailspin as those of you who get to listen to my whining already know. It's really hard to weather a 4 month slide in the bankroll and not really be able to find out the leak in your game. Also, if the people you play with are the people you need to talk to in order to find out what's wrong with your game, it's not in their best interest to help you fix it.

For a guy who sucks at poker, G-Rob had a pretty sage piece of advice when I was talking to him about this problem: "I play with people much worse than me". And that might just be it in a nutshell - I'm ignoring the whole concept of game selection and instead going with the whole social aspect, which is incredibly stupid. I need to go change the game I play so I can go take advantage of the players that are worse than I am, and that's not the game I've been playing. So, at least until Vegas, I'm going to be hanging out away from the casino on Friday nights, and perhaps go on Saturdays to Resorts and their incredibly soft $200/$500 game. And then I can also stop getting jealous of all the fun people are having on Fridays without me!


Saw Wallace and Gromit Saturday, cute movie, I recommend it.

Also, go bears!


One highlight of Friday was that I finished 2nd in the HORSE tourney on FT! $62 dollar return on that, and I would have probably taken first place if my straight in stud didn't run into a hidden full house. I love these HORSE games, because I have a monsterous advantage in 3 of the 5 games (Razz, Stud, and stud Eight or better), a decent advantage in one of them (Hold 'em), and can fold the one I'm horrible in (Omaha 8 or better) or just have Drizz say "FOLD FOLD FOLD" constantly until I run into A23x.

I'm also crushing the $50 PLO games on stars. I tried to clear the bonus at $2/$4 LHE and lost several buyins playing that, so I looked back at my PLO game (which I'm totally in love with), and saw that the $50 games regularly got the $20 pot which is required for a bonus clearing point. So I figured I'd buy in for the low end of the buy in ($20) and see how that went.

... I love PLO. I ran that $20 up high enough that I recouped my hold 'em loss and then some. Only 200 more points to go, cha ching.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I heart PLO

... because too many people fall in love with their naked AAxx, and I can call with about anything and snap them off like a twig.

Here's an example:
Omaha Pot Limit ($0.25/$0.50)

I'm in the CO position with 3d 6s 5d 3h, and there is one caller to me. I've got 4 working cards (so what if they're low, this is all about flop texture and I have a good stealin' chance), so I raise 4xBB to a monster $2. SB, BB and limper all call.

*** FLOP *** [3s 2d 7c]

Checked to me, I bet pot ($6.20) with my set + gutshot. BB raises pot ($18.60 to $24.80), I reraise all-in, BB calls for his whole stack.

And guess what the BB had to put in his whole stack? Ac Jd 9d Ah. Yes, that's just AA with no redraws. No redraws == death in omaha.

*** SUMMARY ***
Board [3s 2d 7c 2c Qs]
BB: shows [Ac Jd 9d Ah] (two pair, Aces and Deuces)
maigrey: shows [3d 6s 5d 3h] (a full house, Threes full of Deuces)
maigrey collected $117 from pot

... and you'd think this is an uncommon occurrence, but as I was talking with for about 20 minutes, I snapped off 2 other people for their whole stacks, too.


(Also, thanks go out to on_thg, gamec, and drizz for entertaining me last night and praising my boobs in the .01/.02 PLO waters last night)