Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I went to gracieland and all I got was this tournament win..

The short version of the trip to Floridar (as my ex-boss used to pronounce it):

fly there, drive to gracieland and do what girls do in a car for a couple hours, eat at ihop (mmmm corn pancakes), play with dogs, sleep, breakfast, shop, play with dogs, poker, drink, drunken texts to garth, win poker tournament by taking out "two-outer" pablo heads up, go home, play with dogs, get FORCED TO LOSE AN HOUR OF MY LIFE WATCHING THE MOST AWFUL SHOW ON EARTH (the black donnellys), become even more emotionally scarred by creepy jake gyllenhaal's plastic face on SNL that didn't match his body any more, sleep, breakfast, drive back to orlando, shop mmm sephora shop mmm lush shop mmm bare escentuals boutique shop,  fly home.

Sorry, no hot girl on girl action.

So, to put more poker content in here: Gracie had kept telling me all night to "take it dowwwn!", I kind of rolled my eyes at her since I haven't played much live poker in, well, forever.  However, I did play pretty well, if I do say so myself, including this hand:

I am in the SB with 23o, there are about 20 limpers, so I complete.  The flop is 3h Td 3d, I check and the BB bets pot (~150).  He gets a MP caller and the button calls.

Me, being me, I check raise that sucker to T550 and get a call (but my feeling was the guy wanted to raise), and the MP guy calls, and then the button makes it 2100 to go (we started with about 5k in chips and this was reasonably early on).

Huh?  I didn't like the BB calling, much less getting raised.  I said "I can't believe I'm doing this," and folded.  When the BB and MP people folded, I said to the button, "Oh just show me your tens..."  I think he thought I meant that he had one ten in his hand, since he picked his hand up and showed me his pocket tens for a flopped full house - which was what I meant.

[as an aside - if this hand was played online?  I go busto.  Discuss amongst yourselves the difference.]

I got lucky - but not by ever getting all in with the worst of it; I mostly got lucky by getting good cards at the right time, like flopping trips against Pablo's aces and getting him to give me a chunk of his stack (and he played well to come back to take 2nd place!), and then getting Aces against the tournament maniac on his third hand after being moved to my table, and by making moves at the right time (like when Pablo and the guy who took third place would limp in 3 handed to me in the bb when I was short stacked - PUSH!), and by having my big hands mostly hold up instead of getting cracked.

I mentioned to Gracie that even when you play well, you still need luck like that to win.

She then mentioned to me when I got home that her friends asked her that next time she brings a friend to the tournament to make sure that they're a fish.



So, we're sending Garth down there next.  :)


At 10:20 AM, Blogger StB said...

Re-raising a check raise screams monster but I think you are dead on-most of us do go broke there.

Next time please lead with "sorry, no hot girl on girl action".

At 10:19 AM, Blogger Drizztdj said...

Virtual vs. live play, I know I've laid a lot more hands live then I would online and been right to do so.

It seems the bets mean what they're saying often during live play vs. internet donkeys who push with two or any draw.

Nice lay down and win!

At 10:22 AM, Blogger pokerpeaker said...

I tend not to respect my opponents as much online as I do live because I play with good live players, unless I go to the Colorado casinos.

Also, online seems to be a little more robotic, at least for me, because of the time crunch and it's harder to read players. Live there's no time thing beeping at you and you know your opponents better, so that's why I'll make better laydowns.

One last thing: I wonder if the "live" embarassment factor really means people aren't willing to make as many plays that could be seen as donkey plays than online. Hence if they re-raise you like he did he probably has it.

Nice laydown regardless.


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