Monday, November 06, 2006

Fun on transatlantic flights...

So when going to the UK, I've taken the Sunday night flight, landing in the UK in the morning and going right to work. Theoretically, if you can sleep on the plane, you can pretty much grit your way through the work day, then go to sleep after work and be right on schedule.


If the plane doesn't have a climate control problem, and you are somewhat prone to lightheadness. Then, you will be miserable and unable to sleep and unable to deal with the lightheadedness because YOU try putting your head between your knees in COACH.

After about 3 hours, I figured maybe I was nauseous and so I got up and made my way with the intent of going to the restroom and getting rid of whatever in my stomach made me queasy. I got to the back of the plane, progressively getting more lightheaded, and the attendants immediately looked at me and asked, "Are you okay?"

... "Ummmm, no, not really."

They had me sit down and gae me some OJ and I still wasn't looking better, so then I moved to lie down in the back of the plane with a stewardess holding my feet up. I started to feel much better - I know how to deal with lightheadedness, I just wasn't able to in my teeny seat.

I guess my color still wasn't good because they then broke out the oxygen tank and said "Oh this might make you nauseous, but it'll really help, I promise!" Greaaat.

Anyway, as I was getting better, someone else was escorted back, looking pale as well. I got up and said "Don't worry, you're not the only one..."

Turns out there were six people who were feeling faint, and three of those, including me, needed oxygen.

Fun times...

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At 7:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ME TOO ME TOO! I'm glad to hear your were ok. Man I hate FLYING!!!



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