Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I heart PLO

... because too many people fall in love with their naked AAxx, and I can call with about anything and snap them off like a twig.

Here's an example:
Omaha Pot Limit ($0.25/$0.50)

I'm in the CO position with 3d 6s 5d 3h, and there is one caller to me. I've got 4 working cards (so what if they're low, this is all about flop texture and I have a good stealin' chance), so I raise 4xBB to a monster $2. SB, BB and limper all call.

*** FLOP *** [3s 2d 7c]

Checked to me, I bet pot ($6.20) with my set + gutshot. BB raises pot ($18.60 to $24.80), I reraise all-in, BB calls for his whole stack.

And guess what the BB had to put in his whole stack? Ac Jd 9d Ah. Yes, that's just AA with no redraws. No redraws == death in omaha.

*** SUMMARY ***
Board [3s 2d 7c 2c Qs]
BB: shows [Ac Jd 9d Ah] (two pair, Aces and Deuces)
maigrey: shows [3d 6s 5d 3h] (a full house, Threes full of Deuces)
maigrey collected $117 from pot

... and you'd think this is an uncommon occurrence, but as I was talking with for about 20 minutes, I snapped off 2 other people for their whole stacks, too.


(Also, thanks go out to on_thg, gamec, and drizz for entertaining me last night and praising my boobs in the .01/.02 PLO waters last night)