Sunday, September 11, 2005

Busy Weekend

I've had a busy, but good weekend :)

Friday, went to play at the boats for about 4 hours, and managed to triple up my buyin at the crazy monkey game during the PLO half when I got put all in with vulnerable nuts (JcTc9h with me having K5hQcQ, my opponent had A9c9) and didn't get sucked out on! That was especially sweet because the guy who doubled me up was the same guy who sucked out on me with T9s when he called a flop bet with the flop being A86 rainbow. Take THAT, Drizz!!

I did get to see LawyerMark after a long break, which was (as always) nice, and I got to talk some tournament hands with Tom Macey (of suckedoutonTVbyRobertBellalandeFame), which is always nice, too. DoubleAs - Mark plays the QJ hand the same way I play the QJ hand for the same reasons. Go figure, since he taught me most of what I know about NL poker. :D

I'm currently watching Matt Matros play in the WCOOP while playing some PLO8 as well as watching the Ind/Bal game and it looks like he might finally make the money, as the stalling has already begun and he's ahead in chips.

and dayyymn, he busts out at 180 on a bluff. Luckily, 180 places pay - it'll be interesting to see what he writes in his journal tomorrow.