Monday, September 19, 2005

Bluff magazine

It took two hours to get to the boats, which is just insane right there. As soon as I got in, there was a seat at the $1k max game, and I tossed my stuff down in my usual seat, and went to cash in. Of course, there was only one cashier going, and the person ahead of me was cashing out for above the 'need a supervisor' limit, so I decided to see if Shelley was still around, which she was. I said hello, and chatted for a tiny bit before getting back in line to get chips.

As soon as I sit down and start playing with my popsicle-temperature cards (I couldn't even get cards that I could play 6-handed, seriously - it took about 2 hours for me to win a single pot, ugh), the floor announced over the in-room intercom that they would be taking pictures of the room for Bluff magazine, and if we didn't want our picture taken, we should leave the room for a few minutes. Good thing I'd taken the time to run upstairs and put the curling iron to my head and change into a nicer than usual shirt before I left, eh? Especially since after about 10 minutes, the photographer and escort came over and announced that they were going to be taking closeups of our table, and we'd have to sign release forms.

At this point, a guy directly behind me at Shelley's 3/6 table behind me said, "Hey, why not our table?!?!" I rolled my eyes and turned around and remarked, "Because we're playing with the green chips." He deflated and turned around to go back to his game.

So, who knows, maybe you'll get to see my mug in glossy print sometime soon!

IronMike asked me where Mark was as we were on the cusp of having enough players to start up the CMG. Since I'd talked to him the day before, and knew he was going out that night, I assumed (correctly) that Mark wasn't going to show up until at least 8, as he'd be catching up on work that he wasn't able to do the night before due to the birthday dinner. Mark called IronMike a little later, and this was the case. He finally said he'd be there around 9:00 or so, and when that time had rolled around and he wasn't there, I decided to give him a call. Poor thing was stuck in traffic and asked us to just start the game up and he'd be there as soon as possible. So we did.

There wasn't anything terribly eventful about the game (which is mixed $10/$25 NLHE, $10/$25 PLO), except that because we were missing some regulars, I was the best PLO player at the table by far. I'm so unused to being in this situation and it was rather cool! Instead of the usual getting help from LawyerMark about my NLHE game, the tables were turned and I was actually helping him with his PLO game. Crazy. Too bad the chips didn't remember that I was the best PLO player there, and I ended up down for the night, but mostly from the $1k game - I was about even at the CMG. I would have been up for the night, too, had I left at 2am instead of the 4 am that I actually got out of there. Got my butt in bed at 5 am, and set the alarm for noon so I could make my 1 pm appointment the next day.