Tuesday, October 25, 2005

For AL

Since Al asked me:
Heather - tell me your likes and dislikes of Pot Limit Omaha, here's today's top three:

Top 3 things I like about PLO
1. FIISHES - People play this like it's hold'em - they think Top Pair, Top Kicker is the NUTS and put it all in
2. It's all about the drawing - not what you have but where can you go. You can't have 21 outs twice in Hold 'em baby. If you're an action junkie, here's where you go
3. No damn split pots and someone backing into a better high than me (which can also be read as I don't have to be a drizz-like nutsitter)
4. dude, I get 4 cards!
5. Also, sooo easy to tilt people who are item #1, definitely entertaining
6. Nowhere else will you hear "OMG YOU raised on THAT???" about 5 times a minute
honorable mention: CHEEEEESEMIND!!

(yes, I realize this is more than 3, but I love it that much)

Top 3 things I dislike about PLO
1. It's all about the drawing - your top set can only be a 5:4 favorite to a big drawing hand, and since all the money gets in on the flop mostly, you see a lot more suckouts
2. Variance - it's much bigger in PLO, because of #1
3. I don't think there is a third thing to dislike about PLO. I HEART IT.

Sadly, I got hit by variance last night, alas. It's easy to drop several buyins at the PLO tables, because sometimes your 5:4 edge doesn't hold up and you die.