Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Viva Las Vegas

I'm back, and I think I'm also a victim of the avian flu. I also think that too many wonderful things happened during this trip to actually do justice in a write up, so it's back to my bulleted list to mark the highlights of the trip.

  • 9 hours in a plane to get to Vegas, of which only 4 were spent in the air

  • Catch up with April at the hotel and then make our way to the MGM to catch up with the bloggers

  • Move to the Excalibur for some prestorming the castle, and then grab Marty and Otis and a few others for some -EV paigow playing, and greyhound drinking

  • Meander back to the IP, and find the full tilters playing blackjack.

  • Decide that since I've never played this before, that I want to learn how to play.

  • End up $80, and steal RickWfromFullTiltFame's BJ card for future use

  • Make plans to play the horsies with BG and April the next day

  • Get lost trying to find the sports book, and instead of playing horsies, the three of us decide to get lunch instead, because I'm starving

  • Somehow we pick up , daddy, and ryan and decide on the forum shops for lunch and have a fine lunch at bertolinis.

  • Realize while walking there that I'm wearing incredibly cute but very PAINFUL shoes - don't do this in vegas.

  • Get teased about a) needing to be right while b) being directionally challenged about how to get out of the shops and to the mirage

  • The group meanders to the Mirage to play poker, and we get on the list.

  • The list is really really long, though and I decide to take my lucky blackjack card and lucky charm to the blackjack table and proceed to go on a $200 rush when all I wanted was free drinks.

  • Run into more full tilters and we decide that there's a better chance to play poker at the MGM and get in before the mixed games start so most of us take a cab there; helixx decides to walk.

  • Play HORSE and make back most of what I lost at $2/$4

  • Meet change100! She is awesomely cool!
  • Wil and Paul Phillips make a subtle appearance, and since I've seen helixx point me out already, I go up to Wil and say: "I'm so going to CRUSHER YOU!"

    • I believe at this point that Wil rolled his eyes and told Paul, "I told you so."

  • I then turned to Paul and asked innocently, "Do you have a blog too?" He smiled sheepishly and said, "Well, kind of." I laughed and said, "Seriously, I'm kidding, I know who you are. But you know what would be the most awesome? If you were wearing your JOPKE hat"

    • At this point Paul's face lights up and he turns his baseball cap to face forwards, and dang if it isn't THE HAT. He adds, "It's not every day I can fulfill requests in an instant like that!" Awesome.

  • Eventually I give up my HORSE seat, as it's time to make our way to N9NE for a pretty awesome meal with even better company.

  • Helixx and I manage to coordinate meeting up at Drai's with his buddy Mikey (after I change out of the PAINFUL SHOES), who knows EVERYONE in vegas. The music is rocking, the drinks are free flowing, and a really good time is had.

  • I eventually manage to get a very drunken helixx to his hotel room and tell him not to go NEAR the bed or we're never going to make the tournament which starts in about an hour, and take his room key to go grab him later.

    • He went near the bed. No tournament for him!
  • Make it downstairs, showered and looking reasonably fresh (I've been practicing poker benders for the last few months), and end up in the last longer bet with Pauly, and Mrs. Hdouble.

  • I also tell GameC he's now helixx for the duration because if I drag someone's drunk butt home, I get to pick his replacement

  • I end up at the killer G-Vegas table, which sucks - since I've got G-Rob and TheMark to my left

  • TheMark ends up knocking me out on "an out of position blind steal" when his QJ flops two pair to my KK.

  • Bedtime for me at 1pm on Saturday which is why I'm not in the group photo which was taken after the event and not before it.

This is getting long so I'll pick up Saturday (part two) and Sunday in another post.