Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Thursday and Friday are here

  • Get a phone call at 6pm from helixx informing me he cannot remember quite a lot of the previous night. I laugh and go back to sleep.

  • Awake 2 hours later or so, shower, and head downstairs to see what the state of the tournament is

  • Start to walk out of the elevator and run into gracie, pablo and others who inform me that we're going to pauly's room. I am a lemming so I go as well.

  • Eventually I can't take the smoke any more and go collect the not-quite-passed out helixx, and bring him back down to meet everyone he's missed during the day

  • We then storm the castle, but I don't exactly feel like playing poker, so instead April and I lose money at blackjack, and then paigow

  • Finally I get the urge to play poker, so go take a seat with Chilly at the $2-$6 spread table and run up $100 until my name is called for the "donkey table"

  • I take my seat at the "donkey table" which consists of Chilly, Michael Craig, Gamec, Otis, Marty, Wil, a full tilter, and BadBlood

  • As soon as I sit down with a "helloooooo boys," the table lets out a collective sigh, and gamec says to Michael, "Well, the aggression level has gone up a notch now."

  • I get to play my first couple games of Vegas Hold 'em, awesome.

  • Totally out of the blue, Otis says to me: "Want to make out?" I laugh and say, "I might, if I didn't adore your wife so much." He says, "Oh good point, good point", and goes back to prop betting blue on the wheel spins.

    • Seriously, I adore Otis and wish I could have lunch with him every day, too.
  • As the 1 seat, my job was to introduce each new dealer to the table so they could pre tip them to warm them up to our antics.

  • Our second dealer was a girl named Michelle, and after we ribbed Wil for a little bit, she leaned over and asked me, "Do you just call him Wil because he looks like the actor or is he..." I replied that yes, that was Wil Wheaton. She then gushed and said, "I have such a crush on him!"

    • At some point after a round of shenanigans, during which Otis was pushed a pot, I told Michelle that if she was really good, Otis would offer to make out with her too, to which she replied, "Well I'd rather make out with him" and nods to Wil
    • Wil then says that she can get on the list, and the dealer turns to me and asks, "What list? His "s" list?"

    • We then hear Wil say, "That would be the RIDE THE WIL MACHINE list!"

    • I'm just starting to pick up my jaw from the floor when I hear him add, "And that's a pretty LONG list!"

    • I don't think I've laughed so hard in a very long time

    • I lost quite a bit of money betting on yellow for the wheel spins; thank goodness for "against blue" prop bets!
  • However, my late night the night before started catching up with me, and despite the generous offers from Otis to stay, it was off to the IP with me and my aching feet

  • Although as coincidence would have it, as we were getting out of the cab, who should pop out of the cab behind us but Chad and Spaceman, who were on their way to casino royale to play craps.

    • My feet were blistered all OVER so I asked how far away was it? To which they replied, "Oh just over there"

    • After we walked down a courtyard, into the Harrahs, I didn't see any casino royale in sight, so I stated that this did NOT seem just over there, and when I found out it was the next casino over, my feet and I gave up and turned back to the IP to head to an early bed.

  • I wake up about 7 am and I know helixx is probably the only person awake and ring his room. He suggests breakfast at the Pinot Brasserie in the Venetian, and I agree

  • Mindful of my torn up feet we take a cab down there, and I am stunned at the opulence of it all - it's gorgeous - painted ceilings and the river in the hotel?

    • I totally want to stay there some day, even if it's only for one night
  • The food is good, and we meander around the casino before heading to Mandalay Bay to meet up for the football games

  • We find Al and BG and take a seat and watch BG and CJ bet the horsies

  • I'm overwhelmed when the games start up, but I finally understand how the betting works for football and realize that I cannot watch four football games at once

    • My bears lose, sad.
  • I do notice the horse named "Too Drunk to Call", and get everyone to bet on it except me - of course it comes in first

  • After a while, I get tired of football, tired in general, and the -EV blackjack game is calling my name, so I give in and sit down

  • I'm doing ok even with the automatic shufflers and hanging around my $100 buyin until CoolerSpeaker and Bobby Blackjack pass by and sit down

    • I'm out $300 in the next 40 min, jerks
  • It's then time to go play at the MGM before a bunch of the bloggers need to leave for their flights

  • I'm exhausted and at this point, all I want to do is get on a plane and go home, and I say good bye to Otis, Dr Jeff, Helixx, GameC among others.

  • Instead of going right back to the IP to help Al and Eva finish the liquor in their bar, we ended up hanging at the MGM bar, and I must admit, I got more cranky

    • Until BigMikeTheAngel bought me two redbull and vodkas, and then I forgot all the cranky
  • I even started chatting up Joe Speaker's wife Mari and Ms. Head as well, about how much I love being a woman poker player (in between checking on CJ and Joe Speaker in the tournament)

    • Mrs Speaker and Mrs Head are like, so rockin' cool, it must be said
  • I also lost to iggy in roshambo, because I didn't listen to my instincts; however, I got my pride back later in Al's suite

  • CJ won the whole tournament, and we all meandered back to the IP

    • Where Al made really strong drinks

    • And I whooped Al's beeeeehind in Chinese Poker
  • And then I wanted to go play craps, but no one wanted to play in the IP which is the furthest my feet would go, so instead I wandered to bed and crashed out.

  • After calling the desk and asking for a late checkout of ... noon

  • Wake up about 10, call CJ to find out if he was the one who text paged me last night as it wasn't April (who I called when I got it), turns out it was him and they had fun at craps while I was sleeping

  • Hang out with April until we check out, and then go grab dinner with Alan and Travis in the buffet, which was ok

  • I'm determined to win $50 at blackjack so that I can tell h that I'm even at blackjack, so April and I leave Chad and Bobby in the poker room and go play blackjack

    • We get the craziest chatty dealer, which wouldn't be so bad if she could deal and talk AT THE SAME TIME

    • I manage to make $65, netting me $15 at +EV games, when it's time to go.
  • Chad and I grab a cab, since our flights leave at roughly the same time, and that's all Vegas wrote for this trip

    • (except I broke a nail getting my bags on the plane. Ow.)

when's the next one? can I get on the ride the wil machine list?