Saturday, December 24, 2005

Random updates

I went to trump last night and had a FANTASTIC session, despite giving up a $400 pot when I flopped trips and would have turned a boat except the turn came out prematurely but only so I could see. Dammit. Hopefully that $400 is going to come back in karmic form like hitting a bad beat jackpot. A girl can hope, right?
Full tilt is running $200 HORSE tourneys on Christmas and new years with satellites the day before. Drool. I can't make tonight's satellite, because of other commitments, but there's one at 3:30 CST on Christmas that looks doable.
Speaking of poker weirdness, I was racking up to move tables last night as my table was breaking, and was the last one left due to the massive amount of chips, when the dealer said to me, "So, do you know where I could find a nice Christian woman?" My response was, "Well, probably not at a poker room!" he laughed and then I told him actually that I was Christian though there was some debate about the 'good' part. He laughed and said he couldn't believe that, with me being a poker player.

I said, "Hey, I'm not baptist! My priest even knows about my poker playing!"

Still. Weird.