Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Them's QUADS beeetches, redux

First, for those of you who watched the WSoP Circuit event last night, I'd just like to say that I play cards on a regular basis with Tom Macey, and he's a pretty nice guy and a good tournament player who didn't deserve that last heart.

I forgot to mention that in the last two sessions that I've played cards (Saturday and Monday), there were 6 quads, and one straight flush. I had FOUR out of the six quads, and I flopped 3 of them. Live poker is SO RIGGED!

Saturday, I have a pair of 4's on the button, and the flop comes down 4 4 6; LawyerMark is in to my left, as is the guy to his left, the flop is checked around.
Turn is an A, LawyerMark bets out the minimum $10 bet, guy to his left calls, I raise a whole $15 to a quarter, which is hugely fishy but they both have to call, and they do. River makes a flush, it's checked to me, I bet another fishy $25, LM just laughs and has to toss in the quarter, as does the other guy.

I flip over my hand and say, "Them's quads, beeetches!"

Mark just looks at me, and says, shocked: "I can't believe you just said that! That is so rude!" I sigh and say, "You'd need to understand the back story, it's just something we say at my home game," etc etc. He says he doesn't know that he'd want to play in our homegame if that's how we play, and I explain that they're the nicest guys ever, so he probably would like playing with them.

Then, not 20 minutes later, FC flops quad 8s and shows down to the river and he says, as he turns the cards over, "Them's quads... ...bitches". The entire table erupts in laughter, and I say to Mark, "See, that's what I'm talking about".

About 40 minutes after that, A the russian, gets quads, and as he flips them over says, "QUADS DEM BEETCHES", and this time the laughter is riotous, and there is a considerable amount of teasing that goes on, because Alex was so excited to say the line, he said it all wrong.

Then, when playing 10/20 limit on Monday for a break from thinking, I got quads 3 times in the first down of dealing; however, since I didn't know anyone at the table, I merely said, "Them's quads!"

Ah, the joys of live poker. I'll probably have more stories to tell after the HOE game tonight. Yay for the homegames.