Thursday, February 17, 2005

As I had another fantastic night - I made a profit of twice what I bought in for, chaching.

Again, cutting and pasting from an email to my poker manager buddy:

I'm in the 6 seat, the button is in the 8 seat, meaning R and SS are in the blinds. F is in the 3 seat, in middle position and makes it $50 to go. I look down at my hand and see KK, and make it $150. Everyone folds (SS somewhat reluctantly), and F calls. Flop comes down Qc Js 2s, and F bets out $120 into the $320 pot. I immediately raise it to $325 total, and then F comes back over the top of me and reraises $1200 (which would put me all in). I think for about a minute or three, and finally fold. F flips over his pocket queens for top set. I possibly have played this wrong, because I likely should have just called the $120 and seen the turn and hoped it was a K, but oh well - this pays off for me later, I believe. I get out of the hand relatively cheaply (although I don'tknow if I consider $500 cheap!).

About an hour or so later, R gets up to leave because he's not feeling well, and I move to take his seat (thank you seat change button!), and sit and fold for the next 15 minutes until the dealer change and SS gets up to leave. I'm in the big blind, and F makes it $25 to go (he's still in the 3 seat), and 3 people call before it gets to me. I look down and see that I have Qd Jd, so I call the raise.

Flop comes down: 4d Kc 10d. What a fantastic flop for me - I have the flush draw and the straight draw - 15 outs twice. I bet $50, and F raises it to $250 total. I can easily call this.

Turn is a 7d: (4d Kc 10d) 7d. Woo hoo! I make my flush, and instead of checking, I actually go and bet out $400. (Again, not sure if this is the right move, or if I should just check, but by betting, F perhaps thinks that I'm trying to scare him out and don't have the flush). F calls.

River is an 8s: (4d Kc 10d 7d) 8s. At this point I have around $500 left, so I push it all in. F asks how much it is and I STUPIDLY start cutting my own checks down. I can totally tell that my hands are shaking (unusually - normally I do a good job of controling that), and can't imagine that I'm going to get a call because of these obvious tells. S and R2 both tell me later that next time I should just push my chips in and let the dealer count them so I don't give that away because the tell really shows up when you're cutting your chips down.

I'm wrong, F calls, I flip over my flush, F mucks the hand and I double up my chip stack. I have no idea how F justified this river call unless he possibly had a set that he couldn't let go of, but he only raised $25 preflop - big pairs for F are worth at least $50.

A couple of orbits of the button later, I'm in the big blind again, and F bets out $50. The crazy dude in the 5 seat calls, and R2 calls from the small blind. I look down and see pocket rockets. I most definitely do NOT like having 3 people in the hand calling a bet of $50, because there have to be some big pairs out there. So, I take a deep breath, and grab a stack of green chips and say "I raise - $400 total." There's already $150 in the pot, so it's not a huge overbet of the pot - only $100 or so, but I really just want to take the $150 in the pot already and not have to see a flop. And then I look at F and say, "You are going to have to pay to hit your set of queens on me this time."

Well, this is not to be. F actually calls. Crazy guy folds, and R2 thinks and thinks and doesn't want to muck his hand at ALL, but does eventually fold. I put R2 on pocket jacks (you'll see this is important later).

The flop comes down Js 3c 10h. I HATE this flop, but I think i'm good because I don't think F has the JJ. I bet out $500, and F calls. UGH. HATE.

The turn is a 10s: (Js 3c 10h) 10s. What's running through my brain here is "Oh my goodness, I JUST doubled up and I'm going to GIVE IT ALL RIGHT BACK." But I'm in bad position and I have no option but to bet another $500. Anyone else playing against me that's decent (M, S the visor dude, T, etc) pops me back and makes me CRY thinking they have a 10 or pocket Jacks, but F is not this good, I guess. Still, he CALLS. YIE.

The river is an 8d - a brick. I look at my chips and I am crying inside when I say "I'm all in." F asks how much is there, and I haven't learned my lesson and cut my checks down myself (but my hands really aren't shaking this time), and it's $810. F sighs and actually calls! S (who is sitting to my left) says, before I turn over my cards, "Your kings are no good sir." and he finishes just as I flip over my pocket aces on the table. F sighs, shakes his head and folds, and I double up again. Spider says "Wow, I would probably have had to fold Kings to her preflop raise." F shakes his head and says something to the effect that he didn't have kings.

R2 says "Augh, do you know what I folded?" and I looked over at him and said "Jacks." He said "Yes! What a good raise, good good bet, I couldn't possibly call that with Jacks."

S also says that he would have easily folded QQ to my pre flop raise, and probably would have folded pocket kings, since he knew exactly where I was at (I said I wasn't being subtle). He also then commented, "I cannot believe he called you on the river - what did he think you had, pocket nines??" (AA and KK already had the queens beat, JJ made a full house, and TT had the quads, so QQ was the worst possible hand there). I told him I had no idea how he called, but I'd take the double up gladly.

Yowsa. So, what may have been a bad play in the early stages of the game definitely lead to me doubling up for six times the amount of cash I lost on that first hand.

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